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MAX Speed. MAX Security. MAX Protection. MAXcoin

Maxcoin English  Welcome   Maxcoin Chinese   欢迎.   Maxcoin Russian   добро пожаловать    : To MAXcoin Project: Community Cryptocurrency.

MAXcoin is one of the most secure crypto currencies around. it's based on next generation encryption, SHA3.

MAXcoin - это одна из наиболее безопасных криптовалют. Она основана на шифровании нового поколения - SHA3

MAXcoin Project

Wallets / 钱包 / Кошельки

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Plugins / 插件 / Плагины

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Community / 社区 / Сообщество

Community run Cryptocurrency

  • Algorithm: Keccak (SHA-3) / Generation: 100 million MAX
  • Block time: 1 minute / Block Rewards: 8 coins per block / Halving every ~4 years
  • Premine: Zero – not premined / Fees: Zero – no transaction fees ( close to zero )
  • Difficulty: Retargets every block / only coin able to kills zombie banksters.
  • MAX Speed. MAX Security. MAX Protection. MAXcoin.


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