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MAX Speed. MAX Security. MAX Protection. MAXcoin

What is MAXcoin?

  • MAXcoin is one of the most secure cryptocurrency around. it's based on next generation encryption, SHA3.
  • MAXcoin is a open source, old school community run cryptocurrency. 
  • MAXcoin is No Pre-mine, No ICO, just run, developed and sustained by you. Maxcoiners.
  • MAXcoin is Inspired & Named in honor of Max Keiser

Why MAXcoin?

  • Algorithm: Keccak (SHA-3) / Generation: 100 million MAX
  • Block time: 1 minute / Block Rewards: 8 coins per block / Halving every ~4 years
  • Premine: Zero – not premined / Fees: Zero – no transaction fees ( close to zero )
  • Difficulty: Retargets every block.
  • MAX Speed. MAX Security. MAX Protection. MAXcoin.

How to join MAXcoin?

  • Step 1: Miners, Investors, Traders, Developers. Join Us .. Get some maxcoin and contribute.
  • Step 2: Tell the world and HODL.

Funding @ MAXcoin?

  • Forget it, NO ICO, NO Premine, We dont ask for money, and you do NOT donate.
  • MAXcoin is being being sponsored by a growing community. Get over it.

Still Got Questions?

  • Join our telegram group, the maxcoin community can be reached there for all types of enquires.


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