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Maxcoin Community / 社区 / Сообщество

Website Monetization

Maxcoin English  The MAXcoin Community .  Maxcoin Chinese  MAXcoin社区.   Maxcoin Russian   Сообщество MAXcoin.

MAXcoin is a community run cryptocurrency. No Pre-mine, No ICO, just run and developed by you. Maxcoiners.

  • Maxcoiners/Developers: If you would like to take part, no permission required. Open Source & Permissionless.
  • Below will be a list of items we need help with. Be a legend, Be a MAXcoiner.
  • If you have any links that you would like to see here, hit me up on twitter @getmaxcoin.

  1. Maxcoin Wikipedia

    There is currently no Wikipedia page for MAXcoin. If you love MAXcoin and love wikipedia, give us a hand.
  2. Maxcoin Blockchain API

    This is a Maxcoin blockchain API. It enables the development of web or mobile applications that need query access to the live Maxcoin blockchain.