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A Brief History of Maxcoin

by David Serrano.

Please Note: The following is my opinion, and my opinion only. For most of maxcoin's history, I was just a passive observer and the following is simply my perception. 

Maxcoin Launch: 2014

Luke & Jordan (picture right) create and launch Maxcoin. A new alt-coin with fantastic features such as Keccak, Schnorr and KGW. 
It was widely promoted, and created quite a buzz after the "Live" launch on the Keiser Report. 

As you could imagine, the price quickly shot up, but corrected just as hard (picture right), leaving many speculators and investors high and dry. 

With no premine or funds to dig into development, a crowd funding effort was made but unfortunately, after a few unsuccessful attempts, the developers were also left high and dry.

Maxcoin was a burning mess of burnt speculators, no funds for future development and a dwindlling developers team.

Maxcoin as a cryptocurrency may have been ahead of its time with Keccak, Schnorr and KGW, but it was not prepared or backed up for success.

Maxcoin Reboot: July 2017

I only decided to become a more active member with maxcoin around july 2017 at the height of the debackle with issues such as no admin, no website, broken miners and wallet, missing explorers, the list goes on. 

It seemed most of these issues could be easily resolved, so in the spirit of open source, I decided to give a helping hand.

The site/brand/culture would take a few months to organise, so as a temporary measure, I setup a pop-up site and begin putting out the fires.

First and foremost, to resolve the broken wallet and miners, with other developers and to start bringing back on board the real economy of maxcoin miners and developers.

Maxcoin Project: October 2017

New Maxcoin Project Website launch: www.maxcoinproject.org (picture right)

Maxcoin's brand & culture is it's community & history. No ICO, No Advertising, No Donations, No Fund Raising, No airdrops, No Money.... Perfect.

We are a very active and growing community of miners and developers and old time maxcoiners who have come together to fix nodes, pools, servers, branding, wallet updates, bootstraps, all the things a cryptocurrency needs.  We are establishing a new type of brand/culture in the cryptocurrency community.  A hedge against all the rest.

This is where we are at today: