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Maxcoin in the Media

  • If you would like to recommend any maxcoin articles, videos, podcast, or would like to arrange an interview with the team, please reach out to us on telegram

  1. Youtube: Maxcoin Launch 2014 on The Keiser Report

    Max interviews Jordan Fish and Luke Mitchell about the creation and launch of Maxcoin.
  2. Youtube: Keiser Report: Trump’s Twist To ‘Madman Policy’

    Max interviews 15-year-old Python coder, Oliver Morris, about his crypto journey which began at the age of eight when he first heard about bitcoin on the Keiser Report.
  3. Podcast: Double Down: Great Advances in Technology: From Silly Putty to Bitcoin

    Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert talk to 15-year-old Python developer and Maxcoin blockchain engineer, Oliver Morris.
  4. Article: Join the Maxcoin Revolution

    "NSA created SHA256 is dead, the Decentralized Future is SHA3."
  5. Article: Max Keiser: I wouldn't be surprised if George Soros attempts to ‘corner’ bitcoin market.

    "One of the reasons I got back into MaxCoin, aside from the new development team that is excellent, is to give users an alternative to some of the altcoins and ICOs out there that are complete, utter, wastes-of-time."
  6. Article: Anticipating and Building the Future. SHA3

    "Maxcoin offers something different, as a unique cryptocurrency that offers a wide pallet of advanced features and security protocols, it came before the massive boom of private run ICOs.."
  7. Article: Charlie bit me.

    "MAXCOIN uses the SHA-3 which is better, so MAXCOIN is better.” — Keiser perks up, “MAXCOIN is better? How so?”
  8. Article: Solar SHA3 – Mining Maxcoin with the Sun

    Solar Mining Experiment shows Maxcoin to be Secure & Green, building blockchain sustainability.
  9. Article: An audience with Max Keiser: ‘Putin is my puppet’

    Controversial TV host on why he thinks central banks are on the verge of collapse, markets are rigged and the BBC is not impartial.
  10. Podcast: WBD 024 - Interview with Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert

    A great interview from What Bitcoin Did with Max & Stacy. At minute 40, a discussion about Maxcoin.