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Maxcoin Mining Pools

  1. Maxcoin at Cryptohub.Online

    Mine & Exchange Maxcoin within the 1 platform.
  2. Maxcoin at AtomMiner.com

    Designed perfectly for FPGA miners, but GPU and ASIC miners welcome!. 0.5% mining fee, paid out in Maxcoin!
    You can use Yobit's maxcoin wallet address as a pool username to get your coins deposited straight into Yobit account.

  3. Maxcoin at TheCoin.pw

    TheCoin.pw is a trusted mining pool provider, all pools 0% pool fee.
  4. Maxcoin at ItalYiiMP 2.0

    To get paid in MAX just set c=MAX as password in your configuration.
  5. Maxcoin at LycheeBit.com

    Yii mining pools for alternative crypto currencies.
  6. Maxcoin at Mineblocks.ch

    Mineblocks.ch is Mining Pool Sponsor for Maxcoin. 0% Mining Fees Forever!

  7. Maxcoin Cloud Mining @ NiceHash

    NiceHash is a cryptocurrency cloud mining marketplace connecting sellers and buyers of hashing power.