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Maxcoin Plugins / 插件 / Плагины

Website Monetization

Maxcoin English  MAXcoin Website Plugins.  Maxcoin Chinese  MAXcoin网站整合.   Maxcoin Russian   Плагины для вебсайта MAXcoin.

Getting MAXcoin out to the community/merchants and being used as a currency is vital.
We aim to do this by supporting other open source projects by providing working plugins that are easy to install and configure.

Get paid in a minute MAX! : MAXcoin Merchant & Payment Gateway Services ( Services hit list coming soon )
Super fast, cheap & safe transactions. Be part of the solution, take part in the revolution. Show your support by accepting MAXcoin

  1. Cointopay Wordpress E-Commerce Plugin

    The RC2 of the Wordpress e-commerce plugin from Cointopay. Add Maxcoin to your site.
  2. Cointopay WooCommerce crypto plugin

    Cointopay do it again, add MAXcoin to your Woocommerce app.
  3. Cointopay OpenCart Plugin

    Cointopay OpenCart Plugin. Easy to use & configure.
  4. Shopify with Cointopay Crypto checkout

    Visit URL for a video showing how easy it is to setup Cointopay on Shopify.
  5. Maxcoin Magento Plugin - WIP - Discovery Stage

    Magento is an ecommerce and shopping cart platform built on open source technology. One of the best around. Maxcoin Magento Plugin still in Discovery Stage.
  6. Maxcoin Wordpress Plugin - WIP - Discovery Stage

    WordPress is fantastic CMS. One of the best open source website creation tool written in PHP. Easy & Powerful Blog and website builder. Maxcoin Wordpress Plugin still in Discovery Stage.
  7. Maxcoin OSCommerce Plugin - WIP - Discovery Stage

    OsCommerce is an e-commerce and online store-management software program. Requres PHP and MySQL to run. Maxcoin OSCommerce Plugin still in Discovery Stage.
  8. Maxcoin Joomla Plugin - WIP - Discovery Stage

    Joomla is an open source content management system (CMS) platform. MySQL or PostgreSQL database and other great features. Maxcoin Joomla Plugin still in Discovery Stage.
  9. Maxcoin Drupal Plugin - WIP - Discovery Stage

    Drupal is open source platform that is easy to use and extremely powerful. Maxcoin Drupal Plugin still in Discovery Stage.