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Maxcoin Plugins / 插件 / Плагины

Maxcoin English  MAXcoin Website Plugins.  Maxcoin Chinese  MAXcoin网站整合.   Maxcoin Russian   Плагины для вебсайта MAXcoin.

  • Getting MAXcoin out there for merchants is vital for a growing cryptocurrency. 
  • We aim to support open source plugins for well known CMS and shopping carts that are easy to install and configure.
  • If you would like to contribute and help out, visit our telegram group.

  1. Cointopay Wordpress E-Commerce Plugin

    The RC2 of the Wordpress e-commerce plugin from Cointopay. Add Maxcoin to your site.
  2. Cointopay WooCommerce crypto plugin

    Cointopay do it again, add MAXcoin to your Woocommerce app.
  3. Cointopay OpenCart Plugin

    Cointopay OpenCart Plugin. Easy to use & configure.
  4. Shopify with Cointopay Crypto checkout

    Visit URL for a video showing how easy it is to setup Cointopay on Shopify.