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Maxcoin Team / 球队 / Команда

Website Monetization

Maxcoin English  Meet the MAXcoin Team .  Maxcoin Chinese  认识MAXcoin团队.   Maxcoin Russian   Встречайте Команду MAXcoin.

MAXcoin is you, me and everyone around us. Become part of this dynamic team. 
If you would like to know more about some of the features of MAXcoin thru the open source project. Please visit here.

  • Maxcoiners/Developers: If you would like to make an exceptional contribution, please hit @getmaxcoin up with your ideas.

  1. @GetMaxcoin

    Maxcoiner, Crypto-Investor, Loves Bitcoin & Maxcoin. SEO, SEM, Project Management & Killing Zombie Banksters
  2. @official_coder

    Average 14 year old Python Developer, Blockchain Technology, Maxcoin Contributor.