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Maxcoin Team

  • The following Maxcoin Project Team Members contribute their time & resources in an unpaid capacity.
  • Maxcoin Project DOES NOT ask for donations, and does not sell anything. 
  • If you would like to take part in Maxcoin Project, please let us know on telegram
  • Hear some of the team members in the Decentralized Talk Podcast here.

  1. @GetMaxcoin / David Serrano

    David is Team Leader & Admin at Maxcoin Project.
    Web is my speciality, cryptocurrency my passion.

  2. @maxkeiser / Max Keiser

    Maxcoin Advisor
    Max Keiser: The man, the name, the Maxcoiner. Was there even before the genesis block.

  3. @stacyherbert / Stacy Herbert

    Maxcoin Advisor
    OG Maxcoiner. Was there for the genesis block. Proud to be first with SHA-3 and Schnorr signatures.

  4. @mxjmpbean / Mario Juarez

    Cryptocurrency enthusiast and MAXcoin contributor.
    Been in IT like...forever.

  5. @official_coder / Oliver Morris

    Average 15 year old Python Developer, Blockchain Technology,
    Youtube: Oliver Morris Interview: Keiser Report

  6. @blinkinell @ / Jonathan Plews

    Interested in hardware, crypto, AI and how they effect social progress and will form tehno-nations.
    Throw a tool into the frey, on just another distin day.

  7. @JoinMaxcoin / Lisa Mifsud

    Lisa is Project Manager at Maxcoin Project.
    Cryptocurrency is our future.

  8. @Jozanneofficial / Johnathon Ozanne

    Sometimes life throws you into a bear market, you just need to learn to double bottom
  9. @Mr_MB2 / Arash Badri

    CEH, Software Engineer and Cryptocurrency enthusiast.
    Maxcoin Contributor.

  10. @fpgaatomminer / Alex Dmitrenko

    if it moves, I'll program it. if it doesn't move, I'll push it then program.
  11. @mtrinder / Mark Trinder

    ABC coder.. Apps Bots Crypto