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Maxcoin Wallets / 钱包 / Кошельки

Website Monetization

Maxcoin English   To use MAXcoin, download a wallet.  Maxcoin Chinese  要使用MAXcoin, 请下载钱包.  

Maxcoin Russian   Для использования MAXcoin, загрузите кошелек.

If you would like to know more about some of the features of MAXcoin thru the open source project. Please visit here.

Maxcoin Blockchain Bootstrap Now Available.

  1. Maxcoin Windows Wallet / 钱包 / Кошельки

    Windows 7+

    Active  windows maxcoin wallet

  2. Maxcoin Linux Wallet / 钱包 / Кошельки

    Debian / Ubuntu

    Active  maxcoin linux wallet

  3. Maxcoin Mac Wallet ( Un-Verified ) / 钱包 / Кошельки

    Unverified Version Available https://mega.nz/#!Z5VSzDhK!c5PncR8TYm3am-trgY4LfeqGAcQH_Rr7S6X9U The link has been removed until a verified version is available on github.

    Unverified  unverified maxcoin mac wallet

  4. Maxcoin Paper Wallet / 钱包 / Кошельки

    A paper wallet is a method of keeping a private key safe, allowing you to store your MaxCoin offline. This method is known as "cold storage", and is the safest way to store cryptocurrency long-term.

    Phase 2  maxcoin paper wallet download