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Maxcoin Wallets / 钱包 / Кошельки

  • Dev update: We are a few steps away from launching our Maxcoin Android & iOS wallets, Visit maxcoindev telegram channel to find out more.

  1. Maxcoin Windows Wallet / 钱包 / Кошельки

    Windows 7+

    Active  windows maxcoin wallet

  2. Maxcoin Linux Wallet / 钱包 / Кошельки

    Debian / Ubuntu

    Active  maxcoin linux wallet

  3. Maxcoin Paper Wallet / 钱包 / Кошельки

    A paper wallet is a method of keeping a private key safe, allowing you to store your MaxCoin offline. This method is known as "cold storage", and is the safest way to store cryptocurrency long-term.

    Phase 2  maxcoin paper wallet download

  4. Maxcoin Blockchain Bootstrap

    Here's a great maxcoin bootstrap by @goombaloon Thank's again :-)